Agents and Agencies

When you register for one of our subscriptions, you will get a complete property management system. Your agencies will be able to handle inquiries, manage leads and deals, track activities and performance, manage deals and get real-time insights into property data.

benefits and features

Track Activities

Stay updated about all the important activities on your properties

You can now see exactly what your team are up to. Communication between agents and clients, lead acquisition, new favourites – these are just some of the things you can see.

Leads Management

Easily Manage Your Leads Generating Potential Business Opportunities

View every potential lead, its source, contact info and other important data to be able to create the most efficient way to turn them into sales.

Inquiries Management

Manage Real Estate Inquiries And Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Answering inquiries of any potential lead in a timely manner is key to making sales. Never miss a question with our easy-to-use Inquiries panel.

Track Performance

Track Deals and Activities Performance

What is the point of storing data if it can’t be visualized to give you meaningful insights? We let you see what’s worked and what hasn’t with handy charts and diagrams.

Manage Deals

Keep Organized With Your Leads. Track All The Related Activities To Close A Deal

Keeping track of all the ongoing deals helps you stay on top of your game. Know the exact status of all your current transactions and follow up if necessary.

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